sunday morning bible study

Beginning at 9:30 am each Sunday morning, Connection groups live life together while intentionally studying the Word together. Select a class below to see where each group meets and what walk of life each group is made of.

If you are interested in joining a Connection group, contact the church office or email

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  • This is our infant class - anyone who needs some nurturing and napping is welcome here!

  • Whether you are a wobbler or a toddler, our 1 - 2 year olds gather in this room.

  • Children three years old through kindergarten meet in this classroom for Bible study and play.

  • This crew (our 1st-6th graders) meets in big room 107 for laughter, learning, and love.

  • Trying to find your place to plug in? Stop by this corner to be pointed in the right direction!

  • Led by Stormi Tutt, for ages 20s - 40s. If you are college aged, young single or married, or parents of little ones you will fit into this melting pot of people easily.

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  • Led by Glenn Hambrick for ages 40s - 60s

  • Led by Brenda Giles & Cliff Todd for ages 60s - 70s

  • Led by David Anderson & Larry Davidson for men ages 20s - 60s

  • Led by Alice Newton for women ages 60s - 80s

  • Led by Dennis Smith for ages 70s - 80s

  • Led by Tiffany LeJune for ages 30s - 40s

  • Led by Windy and Bubba Smith for ages 30s - 50s

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  • Junior High and High School students meet for a time of worship, fellowship, and learning