Central Student Ministries

Weekly Schedule

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (Youth Room – Upstairs of the Family Life Center) 6:30 pm

All students grades 7-12 are invited to come hang out, play games, and study God’s Word together. After a time of praise and worship, Austin Damron, Minister of Students, will lead the service to challenge students to grow in their walk with Lord, relationships with others, and call them to love all people. Following the service, the gym will be open for a large game. We ask that students of all ages are picked up by 8:30 pm.

SUNDAY MORNINGS (Youth Room) @ 9:30 am

Sunday Mornings include a small group Bible study known as Connections or Sunday School. Connections exists to help students grow in their understanding of God’s Word. Sunday mornings begin with donuts and an opening lesson. After the Bible study, the students break up into small groups to discuss the lesson.

SUNDAY NIGHTS – Community Group (Youth Room) @ 6-8 pm

Community Group was launched this past summer and has had great success. The goal of Community Group is that we would be a people that partake in the gospel of Jesus Christ together. Life is better when we do it together, and we believe spiritual growth will happen in the context of relationships. The design of Community Group was to meet in church member’s homes, but we have recently out grown houses. Currently, we are meeting in the Youth Room.

Summer Camp 2020

This year for Summer Camp we are heading to Galveston Island for Student Life Beach Camp on June 8-12, 2020. This is an incredible opportunity for our students, and we are so excited about it. If you are interested in joining us at summer camp you must act fast! To secure a spot for summer camp each student must pay the $60 deposit. The $60 deposit is due January 31, 2020. When this deposit is turned in, it immediately secures the student’s spot for camp. Please note, this deposit is nonrefundable.


We do understand January 31st is only a few weeks away, and it may be difficult for some families to pay this fee. We also know some families have 2 or 3 children wanting to go to camp, and it is expense paying for multiple deposits. If this is the case for your family, please contact Austin, and we will do our best to work something out with you. Please know our desire is for every student who wants to go to camp to get to go. 


The cost of Summer Camp is $339 a student, including the deposit cost (that covers food, housing, camp fee, etc.). Every year we offer multiple fundraising opportunities for students to help reduce the cost of their camp fee. This year there are three different fundraising opportunities. 

February 12 – Valentine’s Banquet Fundraiser at Central Baptist Church 

March 13 – BBQ Lunch Fundraiser on the Square 

May 2 – Car Wash Fundraiser at O’Reilly Auto Parts 


We strongly encourage each student to participate in each fundraiser! 

Camp Pastors: Levi Lusko and Timothy Ateek

Worship Leaders: Vertical Worship and Mosaic MSC

Concert Artist: Social Club Misfits


For more important about Summer Camp or any Student Ministry details please email austindamron@centralcarthage.com or by call the church office – 903-693-7181.


  • 2020 Spring Calendar

JANUARY                                                                 FEBRUARY                                                                         MARCH

12th - Community Group Kickoff                              12th - Valentine's Camp Fundraiser                                    13th - BBQ Fundraiser

15th - "You Asked For It" Series Kickoff                    23rd - Parent Discussion Night                                           18th - No Youth (Spring Break) 

31st - Camp Deposits Due                                        28th - Winter Jam                                                                27-29 - DNOW WKND

APRIL                                                                       MAY                                                                                     Summer dates to remember: 

5th - Serve Day                                                         2nd - Car Wash Fundraiser                                                  Summer Camp - June 8-12

12th - Church Wide Easter Service                           17th - Senior Sunday                                                           Serve Week - July 5-10

15th - Family Night                                                    20th - End of School Year Party

26th - Rock Climbing