Music Ministries

The Music Ministries of Central Baptist Church are many and varied.  They range from choral groups to drama casts, from instrumental ensembles to Radio/TV crews.  All of these TEAMS exist to enhance our worship, to fully utilize the gifts of our people and to reach out into a world that needs to know Christ.


Our Worship Ministries encompass a wide variety of styles.  This is a diverse congregation with many voices of praise.  In this ministry, we believe you will find just the right way to express your gifts of worship.


If you have any further questions or you want to know more about us, call the church office at (903) 693-7181. The entire membership of the worship ministries wants to serve you and help you find your place of service!


  • Instrumental Ministries

    Do you play keyboards? How about a clarinet or trumpet?  Ever wanted to play handbells? If so, we have a place for you.  Please contact the church office or music minister @ 903-693-7181 for more information or just come along for one of our scheduled rehearsals.


  • Rhythm Sections

    Our Rhythm Sections are open by audition. If you play drums, keyboards, bass, acoustic or electric guitar, you may make an audition appointment by calling the church office at (903) 693-7181.

  • Media Ministry

    Our media ministry ranges from video to live broadcast; from camera operators to house-sound technicians. Sound and video production is an essential part of our worship. Whether you are an experienced hand or a “newbie,” there is a place for you. We will be able to assist you in finding just the right spot. Workers are needed at a variety of times including morning services, rehearsals, and special projects and events.

  • Other Opportunities

    There are many other places to serve in the Worship Ministries of Central Baptist Church, Carthage. Other possibilities include:

    -Music Leadership: If you are interested in directing, accompanying, helping, etc in any of our organizations, then give us a call.

    -Worship Volunteer: It takes many hours to accomplish all that goes on behind the scenes. Music filing, contacting members, folder filling, and various other odd jobs that come about through the year.