MERGE - CBC Student Ministries

MERGE is the identity of our student ministry here at Central Baptist Church. Why merge? 

God is at work already and we want to join in with what He is already doing. We are also

all on a journey as well and hope to join together as a community of believers.

Why We Do It - Our Philosophy

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a student ministry that grows fully developing disciples of Christ.

We seek to accomplish that by…

Reaching OUT to students (Evangelism)

Helping students grow deeper IN God (Discipleship)

Building community WITH each other (Fellowship)

Empowering students to let God work THROUGH them (Ministry)

Encouraging students to surrender their lives UP to God (Worship)

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to be a student ministry that is connected to the entire church body and offers opportunities for students and adults to connect with God and each other.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide programs and events for students and adults that allow them to connect with God and each other through regular Bible study, prayer, service opportunities, outreach events, discipleship-focused relationships, and social-fellowship opportunities.

Core Values

OUT (Evangelism)

IN (Discipleship)

WITH (Fellowship)

THROUGH (Ministry)

UP (Worship)

We hope that every event or activity we do has a little bit of every core value. Some events are tailored specifically for certain things and may lean more towards a certain core value, but we always want to have a well-rounded approach to programming.

Our Goals for Students

We know that the chance of a student graduating from high school and moving away from God is very high. Because of this we have developed our programs to best help in building a foundation in which a student can stand on and stay grounded in even after they have left the comfort and familiarity of their home. We have some key areas in a student’s life that we hope to see in them by the time they graduate from high school and move out into the world. We hope students graduating from our ministry would…

Profess Christ (Colossians 1:13-14)

It is our hope that students would have a relationship with Christ. The most important step in a journey is often the first one. The key to a life of faith must always be grounded in the understanding that Christ is the way, the truth, and the only path to everlasting life.

Penetrate the Culture (Jeremiah 29:5-6)

It is our hope that students would not be afraid to live in the world. Despite the things that culture has to offer that drives us away from God, we should not completely abandon the people in the midst of the culture. Because of this, we have a responsibility to live in the world and make a difference, not by adapting and compromising, but by engaging and reshaping the culture.

Practice a Missional Lifestyle (Jeremiah 29:7)

It is our hope that students would live in a way that exhibits a missional lifestyle. Being “On-Mission” does not happen only when we plan a trip, but it happens every day by the way we live our lives.

Pursue an Intimate Relationship with God (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

It is our hope that students would earnestly seek the Lord with everything they have. We often quote Jeremiah 29:11 as a promise God has for all of us, but when we read more closely, we see that the promise is made with the understanding that we are going to seek after God with every ounce of our being and that God will hear us and we will find Him.

Pursue Wisdom through the Word (Colossians 1:9)

It is our hope that students would love the Word. It is the key to a biblical worldview as opposed to a secular worldview. Pursuing the wisdom found in the Word allows students to begin to build a foundation in which to gauge life decisions and the knowledge to articulate biblical truths.

Practice the Integration of Their Faith and Life (Colossians 1:10)

It is our hope that students would be able to integrate the biblical knowledge and wisdom they have with their every day normal living. The evidence of this is found in the bearing of fruit.

What We Do


    MERGE is our Wednesday night youth worship service at 6:33pm (as well as our identity of our student ministries). Every week at MERGE you can guarantee that we will spend time worshiping, studying the Bible, and praying for and with each other. It is our hope that every student that visits our church feels comfortable and accepted for who they are right now. We will do everything we can to provide an atmosphere that it is relevant and welcoming for all types of students and help equip them to become the man or woman that God created them to be. Some activities you might see happening at Merge include singing, drama, skits, discussion groups, preaching, and sometimes just hanging out. Merge is also our primary outreach event, serving as the entry point for many students into the life of the church. Because of this, intentional presentations of the Gospel invitation will be given weekly.

  • Connections

    Connections is our small group Bible study on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, otherwise known as Sunday School, that exists to help students build a well-rounded foundation of the scriptures and their knowledge of God.Mornings typically consist of some hangout time followed by announcements and a creative introduction of the Bible study topic. Following this, small groups break up to discuss the topic in a more specific way.



  • Intersect

    Intersect is our in-depth discipleship study. This is meant to vary from Merge and Sunday School by going deeper into the scriptures and requiring students to prepare and study each week for the discussion.


  • SNAC (Sunday Night After Church)

    SNAC is simply a social hangout time for students following the evening service and Intersect on the 4th Sunday of the month. This typically consists of all the students hanging out at a church member’s house for a while and eating snacks, playing games, and just spending time in community together.


    SPECIAL EVENTS happen throughout the year. These might include Youth Camp, Disciple Now, Fall Retreat, Winter Retreat, See You at the Pole, 5th Quarters, Concerts, etc.



We know that students spend way more time with their parents than in the student ministry. Which is why we put an emphasis on ministering to the parents as well. If you are a parent then please know that we value your opinion and would love to have you on our team. We want to be an advocate for you and equip and empower you to be able to disciple your own student. God gave parents that right and we don’t want to take it away from you (Deut. 6). We definitely want to help you in any way we can though which is why we offer special events just for parents. Contact Travis to find out more info about that.

We also want to provide you with some resources that may help you as you disciple and raise your teenager. Let us say that the number one resource is still the Bible and we encourage you to find out as much as you can from God and His Word that could help you in raising your child. None of the following resources are perfect, but we feel like they do have some stuff to offer you that may be helpful and insightful and may help to give you a glimpse into the world in which teenagers live.