Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 9:30am

Class Rooms on 1st Floor of Main Building

Rm 100 Bride’s Room

Rm 101 Bed Babies Class

Rm 102 Toddlers Class

Rm 103 The Waiting Room

Rm 104 3-4 Year Old, Pre-K Class

Rm 107 Children’s Department

Rm 107B 1st-3rd grade Class

Rm 107D 4th-6th grade Class

Rm 108 Hand Bells

Rm 109 Library/Media Center

Rm 110 Sunday School Office

Rm 111 Conference Room

Class Rooms on 2nd Floor of Main Building

Second Floor

Rm 201 Sonshine Class

Rm 203 Seekers Class

Rm 205 Titus Class

Rm 206 Pairs & Spares Class

Rm 208 Golden Rule Women’s Class

Rm 209 Legacy Men’s Class

Rm 212 Willing Workers Women’s Class

Rm 214A Prop and Drama Closet

Rm 216 “Maranatha” Co-ed Class

Rm 216D Minister of Children’s Office

Rm 217 Minister of Educ/Admin Office

Family Life Center (Across the Street from the Church)

Students in Grades 7 - 12 meet Upstairs

Adult Co-ed Class meet in the Parlor

(70 and above)